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A Coconut Cure For Chapped Lips


Chapped lips are a condition where the tissue of your lips becomes inflamed due to a lack of moisture. Lip tissues are one of the thinnest and most sensitive tissue of the body. The discomfort experienced when they chap is due to a state of dehydration within your body. Therefore, your lips are a barometer …

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Beautiful Skin Naturally – Essential Oil Blends for Mature Skin Care

Avocado is included in many recipes for its hydrating and nutritive properties.

It’s no surprise several of the world’s finest formulas for beautifying mature skin contain natural essential oils. Therapeutic grade essential oils used in aromatherapy are each selected for their distinctive healing action; many oils are specifically indicated for skin healing and healthy skin maintenance. Of greatest interest here are the oils known for their tissue …

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Honey And Healthy Skin Care

jar of honey with honeycomb

Is honey good for your skin? Believe it or not, honey really is good for your skin. Honey-and-skin-care go together quite well. Honey has not only wonderful moisturizing benefits, but it also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties too. Moisturizing Properties The humectant qualities in honey will keep your skin nicely hydrated. Honey also contains healthy …

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