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A Coconut Cure For Chapped Lips

coconutChapped lips are a condition where the tissue of your lips becomes inflamed due to a lack of moisture. Lip tissues are one of the thinnest and most sensitive tissue of the body. The discomfort experienced when they chap is due to a state of dehydration within your body. Therefore, your lips are a barometer of the amount of fluid within your body. When your lips start to chap, you need to consume more liquids. Unfortunately, the weather can effect how thirsty you feel.

Cold weather tends to turn off the thirst control center of the brain, however, when the weather is cold and dry, your body actually loses more fluid than you do in the summer when it is hot and humid! Low humidity will actually draw fluid out of your body in the form of sweat, yet you won’t feel uncomfortable like you do in Summer because the sweat evaporates rapidly into the dry air.

When your lips need moisture, the natural tendency is to lick them and add saliva to these inflamed tissues. This practice actually makes the condition worse. Saliva contains digestive enzymes that help prepare the food you eat for digestion. When you lick your lips the enzymes in that saliva start to digest your lips, causing them to feel more sore which makes the painful condition worse.

Since dehydration is the root cause of chapped lips, the obvious first treatment should be to increase your fluid intake. Good old water should be your first choice. Many people mistakenly think that any liquid can be used for re hydration, but this is not true. Some liquids such as coffee or alcoholic beverages can have a diuretic effect on the body and actually cause you to eliminate more water than you take in. Sweetened drinks can effect the absorption of the liquid portion of the drink and can add unnecessary calories. They also add another step that your liver has to perform in converting the carbohydrates to usable glucose before making the liquid portion available for hydration purposes. So plain water should always be your first choice in treating chapped lips.

Many people turn to lip balms and petroleum containing products to treat their chapped lips. These substances will sit on the surface of your lips and help to block the loss of additional moisture, but do little or nothing to treat the underlying cause of pain which is inflammation. Inflammation is the normal reaction in body tissue that lets you know that something is wrong. Inflammation causes redness and it causes pain because the sensory nerves in the inflamed tissue also become inflamed and start sending pain signals to the brain.

Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid and as such has trans dermal qualities. That means that it has the ability to actually penetrate through the skin into the subcutaneous layers. Raw coconut oil also contains two very important substances in the form of Lauric Acid and Capric Acid. These substances have been found to have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral qualities. Raw coconut oil is also an excellent non inflammatory. When applied to the lips, raw coconut oil penetrates the lip tissue and carries all the qualities of the oil below the surface where it helps to relieve the pain and inflammation.

Always remember that when your lips become chapped, start drinking more water, resist the urge to lick them, and apply raw coconut to soothe and help heal the pain and inflammation!


William Sells is a Registered Nurse and a practitioner of Holistic Treatments. Raw Coconut Oil has been one of his treatments of choice for many years for a whole host physical conditions. His website, has been promoting Raw Coconut Oil for many years.

In recent years, Raw Coconut Oil has gained recognition as an alternate treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. On our website we have highlighted some of the success stories about the treatment of this devastating disease.

Raw Coconut Oil has been used for centuries in the Southern Pacific Islands where native people, who consume a Coconut Oil based diet, enjoy lifestyle that is nearly devoid of Heart Disease. Raw Coconut Oil truly is a miracle substance!

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